Best Push Notification Ideas

Push notifications plays an effective role in mobile marketing. At the same time, push notifications are one of the implementation challenges. To create a great user experience, it’s important to design notifications in a way that’s relevant and useful to your users. In this article, I’ll share some practical recommendations on how to create better push notifications.

1. Make Notifications Relevant:

Every day we are hit by useless notices that distract us from our activities. It’s no wonder that we often remove apps that send irrelevant notifications. At the same time, you may receive notifications as long as they are of value to us (both interesting and useful information). Therefore, it is important to make sure that every message adds value to the user and is worth a temporary interruption.

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2. Time Your Notification:

Timing is very important when it comes to push notifications. Sending a message at the wrong time increases the risk of the notification being ignored and, in the worst case, removes the app associated with the notification. This requirement seems too obvious, but not all developers follow it.

3. Do not send notifications at night:

Do not send notifications when the user is asleep. Many people sleep with their smart phones, and not everyone puts their device in DND mode. As a result, untimely notifications sent between 12:00 pm and 6:00 am run the risk of waking up or disturbing the user.

4. Avoid sending too many notifications in a short period of time:

Sending more notifications that a user can handle is a common mistake many app developers make. If too many notifications are sent in a short period of time, a situation called “excessive notifications” can occur (if the user cannot process the information and simply skips it). Mobile is about emphasizing every message. Therefore, choose the optimal frequency based on information about your users.

5. Push notifications need to direct the user to the destination page”

Notifications need to not only open the app or homepage, but also connect to a specific part of the app or website (such as a specific page with more information) there is. When you receive an interesting notification, tap it to display a target screen that has nothing to do with the notification, which can be very annoying.

6. Incorporate a Little Humor:

Companies no longer captivate their audience with simple, old, and boring messages that get lost in digital noise. Instead, marketers attract and maintain user engagement through humor. It allows them to form stronger bonds based on human emotions, which helps keep your brand memorable. Most importantly, with push notification ideas that recipients really enjoy, recipients are looking forward to hearing from you!

Brilliant Push Notification Ideas:

1. Introduce Gamification:

Gamification stimulates emotions such as competitiveness, victory, curiosity and learning. This is an effective way to keep your app users interested and come back for more. You can implement gamification by counting app usage in the form of streaks, displaying leader boards, specifying stages, and updating the status bar to show completion rates.

2. Send Location-Specific Messages:

Location-based push notifications provide actionable information based on your geographic location. Marketing campaigns can include geo-targeting (targeting specific geographic locations), geo-fencing (creating virtual geographic boundaries), and geo-framing (detailed geo-fencing) that triggers real-time push notifications. I can do it. These messages can be directions to the nearest store or pop-up store, weather forecasts, traffic information, promotions, and even ongoing or live events.

3. Notify About Updates:

Notifying users about app-related changes can help in two ways. App users can benefit from these notifications, especially during the first few days of using the app. You can guide what to do next, spotlight features, and encourage users to use the app. Whether you’re announcing new additions to your catalog, announcing new features, or sharing updated user policies, you can empower your users by keeping them informed.

4. Send Contextual Notifications:

Contextual push notifications are a simple achievement that almost every company can take advantage of. With these personalized push messages, you can basically send standard messages, but with a brand new wrapper. Based on user attributes, message content can be linked to products and services, or to customer behavior to make it appropriate for your situation. The changes don’t seem to be that many, but anyone who receives such a notification may be impressed with your thinking outside the box.

5. Weave a Narrative:

The secret to a successful marketing campaign is the ability to spin yarn. Even if the other 10 apps are saying exactly what the recipient is saying, the way the message is delivered makes all the difference. Must-see stories increase user engagement and encourage recipients to tap the app or web push notification to see more information. For this strategy to be successful, the team needs a good copywriter. This copywriter can sell even the most mundane stories as the latest clickable news.

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